Rehabilitation Policy

Our company recognises that there are substantial benefits for employees and employers, resulting from an employee’s early return to work after a work related injury or illness.  We also recognise that workplace rehabilitation is a managed process involving early provision of necessary and reasonable services, including suitable duties programs when practicable, to ensure the worker’s earliest possible return to work, or if return to work is precluded, to maximise the worker’s independent functioning.

We are committed to providing an effective Rehabilitation Program in compliance with the relevant State Legislation, to ensure that:

·                A safe and healthy work environment is provided, but in the event of injury or illness, making sure workplace rehabilitation commences as soon as practicable after the injury, with approval of the worker’s treating doctor.

·                Rehabilitation is a normal practice and expectation within this workplace.

·                Suitable duties are available to injured or ill workers to facilitate their safe return to normal duties.

·                A team approach to rehabilitation is used, with co-operation, consultation and confidentiality being key requirements for all persons involved.

·                At all times the rights, welfare and confidentiality of the worker are respected.

·                This Rehabilitation Policy, our rehabilitation procedures and results of our program are regularly reviewed and continuously improved.

·                A trained Rehabilitation Co-ordinator is appointed to effectively manage our Rehabilitation program.

This Rehabilitation Policy was developed through the joint co-operation of management, supervisors and workers.