Environmental Policy

Cooling Tower Mechanical Servicesdesigns, manufactures, installs and maintains cooling tower systems and mechanical building services.

Our activities include:

·                 Construction of Cooling Towers

·                 Process Cooling and Mechanical Services Contracting

·                 Engineering of Structural Steel Platforms and Access

·                 Thermal Performance Testing

·                 Repairs and Refurbishment of Cooling Towers

·                 Design and Installation of Pipe Work and Pumping Systems

·                 Inspection, Consultation and Reporting

Cooling Tower Mechanical Services is committed to providing excellent products and service to its Customers, in an efficient and responsible manner.

Our goal is to understand and meet our environmental obligations to our employees, our Customers and the community, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act and the Environmental Standard, AS/NZS ISO 14000:2004.

OurEnvironmental Management System includes:

·               Planning work activities, to meet environmental and cultural heritage legislation and guidelines

·               Operating an environmentally sound and culturally aware business

·               Training all personnel in environmental issues awareness and work procedures

·               Reporting and recording environmental practices as part of our quality management system

·               Reviewing and auditing our environmental procedures, to enable continual improvement.

Our commitment is to:

·               comply with legislation concerned with the production, minimisation and disposal of waste, control of hazardous substances, and industrial noise

·               comply with government acts and requirements for the protection of our cultural heritage

·               act with due regard for the requirements and expectations of our neighbours, employees, shareholders, suppliers and subcontractors, insurers, and industry associations

·               act in the interests of our Customers, product users, and end users

·               encourage employee education and participation in improving environmental awareness and practice

·               implement an environmental audit and reporting system, to continually improve our environmental management system.